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For high quality pressure cleaning, it has to be Blackwood Pressure Washing.

We offer a high quality professional service at a competitive rate.

Our pressure cleaning treatment will transform tired, dirty surfaces, breathing new life into your home.

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Pressure washing will ensure the outside of your home looks it’s best!

Blackwood Pressure Washing will make your property look like new.

We specialise in residential property cleaning. Our industrial strength equipment washes at high pressure to remove the most stubborn stains. Our industrial strength equipment washes at high pressure to remove the most stubborn stains.

Moss, lichen, dirt, rust and other stains are blasted away to leave surfaces looking great.

Blackwood Pressure Washing Hose and Boots
Blackwood Pressure Washing Gutter
Blackwood Pressure Washing Concrete
Blackwood Pressure Washing Driveway
Blackwood Pressure Washing Contrast
Pavers Blackwood Pressure Washing

What surfaces do we clean?

Our team of specialists uses sophisticated equipment to remove gunk and grime off of a variety of surfaces, including:

Driveways – Concrete & Paved
Fences – Timber, Steel & Brick
House Wall Wash
Gutter Clean

High Quality Cleaning Services

At Blackwood Pressure Washing, we’re passionate about delivering high quality services and are driven by the satisfaction of a job well done. We understand we’re a part of the local community and operate our business under the philosophy of contributing to our local area.

Environmentally Friendly
PH Neutral Detergents
PH Neutral De-greasers

Why Choose Blackwood Pressure Washing?

Best value for money

Value for money is an important part of making any investment in your property. At Blackwood Pressure Washing, we offer competitive prices and a high quality service.

Honest Local Service

If a surface can’t, for any reason be completely cleaned or will still have some marks we will let you know.

Thorough Cleaning

When you pay for something you want it done right. With Blackwood Pressure Washing you’ll get a professional thorough clean that will leave your property sparkling.

Breathe new life into run down old areas.

As time goes by there are a number of different unsightly substances that can grow or accumulate on the solid surfaces of your property. From moss on your roof to layers of dirt on your deck, the signs of wear on a property can show. Having these removed is a simple process with the right tools and skills which Blackwood Pressure Cleaning offers. Pressure washing your property is an investment in the appearance and long term endurance of a variety of surfaces found on residential properties.

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Pressure washing your driveway is a great way to make your house look cleaner and new. A driveway is often prominently displayed at the front of your property. Getting blackwood pressure washing to clean your driveway is a great way of invigorating the aesthetics of your entire property. Our pressure cleaning technicians work by removing dirt and grime from solid concrete surfaces by use of specialised equipment. Our pressure cleaning devices are built for a variety of different jobs and can be used on concrete surfaces like driveways without risk of damage.


Blackwood Pressure Washing Driveway Boots
Blackwood Pressure Cleaning Driveway Edge
Blackwood Pressure Cleaning Driveway


Do you have an old pathway you’d like to invigorate? A simple pathway down the side of the house or in the garden can become worn and dirty over time. Cleaning up these areas can make a house seem newer and more modern and is a great way to make it more appealing before an inspection or auction.

Pathways in the garden are sitting amongst a huge range of organic materials. This environment is incredibly conducive to the growth of moss and other organic matter that can cause a path to look old. In some cases algae can grow across a garden path making it slippery when wet and unsafe as well as ugly.


Blackwood Pressure Washing Pathway
Blackwood Pressure Washing Pavers
Blackwood Pressure Cleaning Pavers
Blackwood Pressure Cleaning Patio


A patio can be used for a variety of different occasions, it can be an outside dining area, a place to host a party or just having a relaxing cup of coffee in the Australian sun on a Sunday morning. Whatever you use your patio for, you’ll want it looking its best. That’s where Blackwood Pressure Washing comes in. We’ll clean your patio or outdoor area with our specialised high pressure cleaning equipment.

Reinvigorate your entertainment area and make a big impression on your guests.

Our pressure cleaning process removes a wide range of unwanted marks and growths that can appear on paved patios and other hard backyard surfaces. Moss and lichen can make even relatively newer homes look old and worn out, pressure washing the exterior is a great way to make old seem new once again!


Blackwood Pressure Washing Patio
Blackwood Pressure Washing Veranda
Blackwood Pressure Washing Deck
Blackwood Pressure Cleaning Deck


An outdoor deck area is a great addition to a home and can offer plenty of opportunities for entertainment. Unfortunately over time the wood of a deck can grow dirty and can be home to many different substances that can affect the life of the deck. Pressure washing your deck to keep it clean is a fast, effective, thorough solution to the problems that algae and moss can pose to a deck.

Additionally a clean deck will impress guests and create a great environment for outdoor family activities.

Pressure cleaning a deck can produce some great results however it must be done the right way. Applying too much pressure can cause more than just the surface layer of dirt and grime to be removed, damaging the wood and shortening the life of the structure. That’s why it’s best left to the professionals. Blackwood Pressure Washing has a high degree of expertise and experience. We’ll wash your deck without damaging it.


Blackwood Pressure Washing Deck and Pool
Blackwood Pressure Washing Deck
Blackwood Pressure Cleaning Deck
Blackwood Pressure Washing Man Cleaning Deck


Pressure washing is one of the best ways to remove a huge amount of unwanted substances from roofs. Things that grow like moss and some kinds of algae are simply swept away by our expert team. Other dirt and grime is similarly removed in the process.

Leaving moss and algae on roofs can cause long term damage and wear. Such things are best removed before these things can happen. Blackwood Pressure Washing has the equipment, experience and expertise to prevent this. Our roof washing service can extend the life of your roof while making it appear more appealing in the process.


Blackwood Pressure Washing Man Cleaning Roof
Blackwood Pressure Washing Roof Tiles
Blackwood Pressure Cleaning Man On Roof
Man Pressure Washing Roof

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